Everything Your Dad Didn’t Tell You About Shaving

Written for CAVE By: Danielle Malka, President/Founder of eShave

Shaving is often seen as a daily chore. However, shaving does have its advantages, and if done properly, can actually be a very pleasurable experience.

Although shaving seems very intuitive, it really does boil down to an absolute science. Most men are shaving wrong, everyday. Why? Because they were taught wrong! As a result, shaving has become an unpleasant chore rather than the luxurious, pampering experience it can and should be.


In getting started, it’s important to know that preparation is one of the most important steps when it comes to shaving. Be sure to shave after you shower or use warm water to thoroughly wet your face before shaving. Applying a warm, wet towel or washcloth to your face for a few minutes can also help soften your hair and open your pores. For men with very coarse whiskers, you may want to apply the hot towel a few times in succession to really loosen things up.

Massaging your face with warm water makes the skin more pliable and opens the pores, plus it helps soften your whiskers. Soft, wet whiskers tend to be easier to shave.


Next, be sure you prep your skin for the shave with highly emollient Pre Shave oil. Since the shaving brush will bring the razor closer to your skin, you want to be sure the blades can easily glide over the skin. A high quality Pre Shave oil will have the right formulation so that it won’t cause you to break out or leave your skin feeling greasy.


Whether you choose a shaving cream or shaving soap, you should only need a small dab. The better the shaving cream, the less you’ll need. Some jars of shaving cream can last you up to 4-6 months of daily use.

If you are looking to maximize the benefits of your shaving products, it’s important that you use a Badger Hair Shaving Brush when applying the cream. A high-quality shaving brush is the most effective way to guarantee a smooth, painless shave. The bristles gently exfoliates the skin, which removes anything coming between your whiskers and the razor. As you sweep the brush in a circular motion over your face, the bristles lift the hair up  and away from the skin allowing for the closest shave possible without common shaving issues such as razor burns and bumps.


Once you’ve prepped your skin, you are ready for your razor. It’s important that you always use a sharp blade and rinse it often. Begin by shaving in the direction of hair growth. For stubborn hair, reapply shaving cream and repeat shaving in sideways motion, using small strokes to prevent irritation. Around the neck area, where hair grows in different directions, run fingers along neck to feel and follow the pattern.


Finally, rinse and apply a light after shave cream that is designed to penetrate your skin quickly and easily when applied after shaving. A good after shave will regenerate cells after shaving and  hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.


Written by: Danielle Malka, President of êShave, the leading brand of modern shaving essentials. Danielle has been educating men on the proper way to shave for the past 25 years. Malka lived as a professional artist before making her mark in the men’s grooming industry. Working alongside some of the best barbers in the world, she discovered that the men’s grooming industry lacked both modern appeal and education. Her creative background coupled with the need to educate men on proper grooming habits, inspired the birth of êShave.  With its fresh ideas, innovative products, signature scents, commitment to quality and customer service, and educational platform, êShave has become the modern man’s go-to source for all things grooming. www.eshave.com


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