“That’s not sweat, that’s my body crying for success.” – Anonymous

I don’t have the complete formula for success to give to you, because frankly I haven’t figured it out myself. I do, however, know that one piece of the puzzle is surrounding yourself with people who have ‘drive’. It’s one of those things you see people that is truly admirable. I’m not talking about the guy who continually writes Facebook statuses about his struggle and the path to success. I’m talking about the guy who gets up in the morning and doesn’t care about his Facebook status, because is actually enduring the struggle for success. These are the type of people that you want to surround yourself with because when they say, “No, I can’t make it out tonight because I have to work on something,” you may call them lame, but deep down you’re envious. Why is it that Musicians stay up until five or six in the morning perfecting the song they’re working on? Why do Athletes get up for early morning workouts? The answer is simple…They have ‘DRIVE’. The drive to compete, outlast and face any obstacles blocking them from success.

It’s easy to find friends who will knock every idea or aspiration that you have. It’s more valuable to find friends that will help with your ideas and inspire you to go after what you aspire.




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