Date Better: How Body Language Can Lead to Your Success Pt.1


There are between 6800 to 6900 distinct languages in today’s modern world. Though there are thousands of ways to speak, there is one language every human being needs to understand. This is Body Language, something that is very important to the world of dating. This the non-verbal communication that goes on almost subconsciously between humans by using body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements. By learning a few tricks you can vastly improve both your personal body language and ability to understand female body language. In this piece we will focus on our own personal body language and what we can do to put forth better impressions with women. In part two (which comes out next week) we will dive into female body language and how to read some surefire signs of interest.


When in a conversation with a woman, men tend to lean in when they are about to speak. You want to make sure not to stay leaned in after you speak, it displays heavy interest in the woman. This leaning may cause her to lean back away from you (negative body language). If a certain level of comfort has not been established, then leaning in may also come across as threatening. Instead, lean back and continue to converse. This body position will invite the woman to lean forward to hear what you are saying.

Relaxed/Calm Movements

Jerky movements make everyone around you uncomfortable, regardless of sex. Make slow relaxed movements when speaking and listening to a woman. These slower movements display stability and confidence. Traits that are both sought after.

Face Straight Ahead

Men are comfortable speaking to each other on angles. Women are NOT! When speaking to a woman it is important to face her directly. You should have good posture, with both shoulders in line with hers. This is the place where women are the most comfortable.

Eye Contact/Smile

When you are talking to a woman, make sure to maintain eye contact. It shows you are genuinely interested in her speech. She is also much more likely to remember your conversation if there was an ample amount of eye contact. Equally as important as eye contact, is smiling. It is proven that smiling actually puts you in a better mood. It also, makes other perceive you as a positive person. People in general are attracted to those with positive attitudes. So start smiling!


There has to be a certain level of comfort established before touching can be seen as acceptable in conversation. A light tap after a joke, is a way to break the touch barrier. Proceed in this area with caution. Touching to early or to often can be an easy way to remove yourself as a potential suitor. The general rule for touching is, “less is more!”




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