Creating Your Own Bucket List

A bucket list: A list of things you want to do before you die. It comes from the term, “kicked the bucket.”


Now The majority of us would like to think we are a long way from dying. The truth is, most of us are right. However, are most of us really living? Creating a bucket list can give you a set of goals, and accomplishments for your life. Some of them will be outrageous and will probably never happen, others will be simple and highly probable. If you haven’t started your bucket list, we are going to give you 20 as a guideline for yourself!


1. Go Skydiving

2. Give a speech at a wedding

3. Visit Overseas

4. See your favorite sports team live

5. Learn another language

6. Learn to play an instrument

7. Visit the Great Wall of China

8. Go to Las Vegas

9. Compete in a marathon/triathlon

10. Learn to drive ‘stick’

11. Start your own business

12. Have a beer with  a celebrity

13. Celebrate New Years Eve in Times Square

14. Ride a horse

15. Swim with sharks

16. Go bungee jumping

17. Go streaking/skinnydipping

18. Learn to juggle

19. Earn a degree

20. Ask the girl you’ve always liked to go on a date.



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