Converse’s Jack Purcell – The Shoe You Want This Fall

Very few athletes have a shoe designed to reflect their legacy.

Even fewer athletes design a show that stays relevant for over a century.

Jack Purcell, a legendary Canadian badminton player in the 30s, 40s and 50s, earned himself the title of Press Canada’s Outstanding Athlete of the 20th century. Purcell’s knowledge and experience in the sport allowed him to create and design The Jack Purcells.

With heavy rubber support around his ankles and toes, the shoe quickened his pace, giving him an edge on the court.

It also sparked a cultural lifestyle. After all, even James Dean rocked a pair.

This fall, Converse is bringing back the Purcells with a special edition for the Hudson’s Bay Company. Blending the legendary Purcell pillars with the iconic Hudson Bay blanket stripes, the shoe offers history, style and design in an exclusive package.

At CAVE, we’re clamoring for a pair (or three) of these.




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