CAVE Movie Picks – June 21st, 2013

This weekend is all about zombies, kid friendly monsters and Frodo going on a killing spree.  Here are our picks for the weekend.

World War Z

Starring: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale and Matthew Fox.

Synopsis: The movie follows Gerry Lane, a United Nations employee, who must escape the city with his family in the middle of a world wide zombie epidemic. Traveling across the world, Lane must do all he can to stop the virus from spreading before it topples the last nations of Earth and end humanity.

 What We Think: A global scale zombie movie promises some thrills and zombie kills. Just don’t expect Oscar-worthy storytelling.

Monsters University 

Starring: John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi and Ken Jeong.

Synopsis: The monsters are back, but this time we learn how Mike Waoswski and James P. Sullivan first met. That’s right, all the way back in the good old days of university.  Watch as the two legendary monsters graduate from University of Fear and become lifelong friends.

What We Think: This is a movie aimed at our childhood. Should be great for a few laughs and a nice retreat from this weekend’s explosion fest.



Starring: Elijah Wood and Nora Arnezeder

Synopsis: Based on the story of Jack the Ripper, Frank is a timid owner of a mannequin store. But when he meets a beautiful young artist (who asks for his assistance setting up an exhibition), everything changes. As their friendship develops, Frank’s descends into a spiral of gruesome murders, completely shedding his timid shell.

What We Think: It’s Frodo going on mass murders and scalping people. If you don’t get your horror fill from World War Z , this should help. Viewer discretion is seriously advised.



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