CAVE Man of the Week: John Fairfax, “The Most Interesting Man in the World”

Teens: Living like Tarzan

Fairfax was born in 1937 in Italy to an English father and Bulgarian mother. As a child, he and his mother moved to Argentina. At the age of thirteen, John left home to live in the jungle, “to live like Tarzan in the Amazon” he called it, becoming an expert hunter who traded skins with local peasants. At the age of twenty, depressed over a breakup, Fairfax decided to go into the jungle and commit suicide. He took with him a gun and a spear. His plan was to get attacked by a panther and fight it to the death with a spear. When he finally came face to face with a panther, he decided he wanted to live, and he shot and killed the animal with his gun.




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