CAVE Bachelor Pad: Brad Friesen

To some, Vancouver’s Brad Friesen is the unkempt enigma responsible for slaying all five dragons on CBC’s Dragons’ Den with his anti-hangover drink, “Last Call.”

To others, he’s a kooky helicopter pilot who hasn’t recycled a t-shirt in two years.

If you’re from Vancouver, you may remember him as the host of “Mexico House”, after Friesen opened his downtown condo to raging revelers throughout the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

But what you might not know is that Friesen lives in one of Vancouver’s coolest apartments. And yes, he has a very large closet for those t-shirts.

Located in Vancouver’s renowned Yaletown district, Friesen’s apartment was actually conventional at first.

At least before Friesen came into the picture.

A self-professed eternal bachelor, Friesen immediately began ripping out drywall, and moved to a nearby apartment to map out his next step.

Unfortunately, days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Two years later, no progress had been made.

Eventually, Friesen derived inspiration online and in magazines. He saw potential in the bare bones look of the structure. After removing the drywall, he discovered vintage brick, raw formed concrete and an extra 60 square feet of space. By tearing out the existing ceiling, exposing the ductwork, and scrapping the exisiting two bedroom plan, Friesen found the space he needed to create a chic, modern-industrial loft.

After working with several interior decorators, Friesen decided he needed someone with real chops. A partnership with Kelly Reynolds quickly followed, as did an open-concept bathroom (complete with killer soaker tub, crazy back-lit shower and tree-branch inspired feature wall).

Some feature highlights include:

-Custom-treated distressed aluminum sliding doors

-Slick caesar-stone island with burnished walnut inlay

-Built-in counter top ice well…you know, to keep the “Last Call” cold

-Completely integrated appliances, including an espresso machine and warming drawers

-A sexy, linear, open-flame fireplace

-Modern brushed concrete floors

-Smart-technology, allowing Friesen to control the entire ambiance-lights, music, window covers–via smartphone/tablet

The final result is a modern loft fit for a modern man.

You know, the helicopter flying, Dragons’ Den pitching, crazy t-shirt wearing type of man.


Written for CAVE by interior design expert Michelle Miazga from Port and Quarter.