CAVE Interview Series: Tory Lanez

CAVE Mag recently caught up with Toronto native and budding rap-star Tory Lanez to discuss his rise, the resulting changes, and his plans for the future. The transcript of that discussion is posted in its entirety below.

1. How do you reflect the every-day man in Toronto, how does your message/story relate to the city?

Tory: My city is known as the “screw face capital” that in its own, will let you know that I didn’t grow up in the most heart warming city. It takes a lot to be from here and a lot more to make it out of here.

2. Who were your biggest influences growing up?

Tory: Myself, I’m hardly influenced by other people, whether it be music or life.

3. What are your thoughts on the music scene in Toronto?

Tory: Toronto has a lot of hidden talent, people who are very incredible and some of them just havent got their chance to shine yet.

4.What do you add that’s different from the music scene in Toronto?

Tory: There is no part of me that feels like re-creating what has already been done. I’m a breath of fresh “swavey” air.

5. What do you have to say about the women from your hometown?

Tory: Well besides the fact , that we have the prettiest faces on the planet, Toronto is very multi-cultural and because of that there are a lot of mixes in backgrounds. This creates some very beautiful women.

6. How has your life changed in the last year?

Tory: It’s changed a lot, from the people I meet everyday, to the people who I use to see everyday. Money, women, and the whole nine yards, it’s been very different.

Tory Lanez in the Styll music video.

7. Any advice for those aspiring to make it in music?

Tory: Stay consistent, stay dedicated and most of all stay YOU.

8. What would your dream manCAVE consist of?

Tory: A bunch of incredibly foreign objects, women and a top of the line studio.

9. In the last couple years, your career has taken off. Tell me what this experience has been like.

Tory: When you come from nothing, any elevation feels like heaven. But, it has been a very serious experience despite all the fun I have had. I’m looking forward to living throughout the rest of it .

10. Your last mixtape was titled “Swavey”. Tell me about its meaning.

Tory: Basically, “Swavey” is a genre of music and it covers fusing different genres of other music into one sound. And doing it confidently enough to not let anyone tell you that you are a confused artist.

11. How were you discovered by rapper Sean Kingston?

Tory: I was discovered on Youtube, I had video up called “Beamer benz or bentley freestyle” and that was the video that started it all.

12. Tell me what it’s like to work with other young-artists like Bow Wow and Soulja Boy.

Tory: It is a great experience, despite the fact that they are young, they are still veterans in the industry that have created legacy’s for themselves.

13. On your single “Slept on You”, you worked with hip-hop legend Bun B. Tell me about that experience.

Tory: It was incredible, Bun B has worked with greats such as Jay Z , Andre 3000, Pimp C, Drake and many more. So for him to work with me on my first single was almost like a certificate that said, “you are great enough to work with Bun B, just as great as the people he has already worked with.

14. What other artists would you like to work with in the future?

Tory: Andre 3000, Kanye West, Skrillex, and a few more artists.

15. What can your fans expect from you next?

Tory: Expect what’s not expected of me as cliché as that sounds.

16. When should your fans expect to see you perform in Toronto?

Tory: I should be doing my first headlining show out here in September .

17. Your ability to rap and sing has proven you to be a “double threat”, so to speak. Does that make it easier to work with a variety of artists?

Tory: Yes it gives artist a double choice, they can either take it there with me lyrically, or they can ask me for a hit record and I can sing them a golden melody.

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