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5 Things Every Guy Should Do Before Date Night

They say admitting the problem is the first step towards recovery. So, here it goes. We’re guys. We usually suck at dating. Dating success can come from great conversation or an instant connection, but it mostly comes from e...
by Jordan Scheltgen


How To Pick Up Women While Rocking A Moustache

It’s going to be a rough month for the staff here at CAVE, aesthetically speaking. Moustaches aren’t known for enhancing sex appeal, and the only men I can think of that looked better with a moustache than without one are F...
by Luke Boardman



Relationship Lessons To Learn From Jay-Z

After witnessing Jay-Z perform at the Barclays Center last weekend working magic with Beyoncé, I couldn’t help but reflect on how great these two are together. Jay-Z and Beyonce: power couple and hip-hop royalty. Rap genius...
by Anna Bediones


5 Behaviors Women Find Creepy

Summer is officially over and if you struck out this season maybe it’s you, not her. Fellas please review the list below, and if you are guilty of one or more of the following, maybe it is time you alter your game. 1.‘PSSSS...
by Vanessa



Busted: What To Do When You Get Caught Cheating

So, last weekend you decided to go out by yourself. You had a few too many beers and met a really good-looking girl at the end of the evening. With the booze flowing and your inhibitions lowered, you cultivated an incredible ch...
by CAVE Editors