Palma de Mallorca

Summer Travel: Palma de Mallorca

It was happening. Along with a close friend, I was boarding a three-hour Ryan Air flight in Karlsruhe, Germany. Our destination? Palma de Mallorca. Considering I’d been playing “Mallorca” by Loft for almost tw...
by Jordan Scheltgen

James Bond

What She Thinks About Your Drink

If your team isn’t playing on the flat-screen at the bar (or even if they are) you’re probably there to find a girl. You’re probably also decked out in a decent shirt, new shoes, and your favorite jacket. In your mind...
by Aidan Ryan



6 Things You Do Better When You’re Drunk

Make no mistake, alcohol can cause a lot of problems in life. But when it comes to these six things, alcohol can actually help tremendously. After all, bad decisions often lead to the best stories. 1. Become An Internet Sensa...
by CAVE Editors

guy on cliff

Year One – How To Live A More Positive Life

One of the greatest obstacles faced by many Canadians is mental illness. Rather than using a fancy introduction or statistic, I’ve come out and said it. Unfortunately, many Canadians cannot do the same when it comes to ...
by Robin Ghosh


Don Draper - Man Men

8 Things Every Guy Should Know How To Do

Though we live in a world driven by technology, there remain a few skills every man must have. These skills won’t win you a Nobel Peace Prize, but they are invaluable. They are the skills your father taught you, and tha...
by Jordan Scheltgen