10 Tips for a Healthier Relationship – From Her

Two of your friends used to make a great couple. Things were going great for both of them but suddenly everything turned sour. Wondering what went wrong? Let’s make sure you are not repeating your friend’s mistakes! 1. Don...
by Indrani


5 Things She Doesn’t Want For Christmas

Picking a gift for the lady in your life just might be one of the hardest things in the world. I don’t think even we know exactly what we want! There are millions of articles out there suggesting ideas, but what are the d...
by Anna Bediones



Twilight: We know you hate it.

SHUT UP!!! We know it’s stupid! This is a Public Service Announcement for Twilight-lovers all over the world. I’ll make it quick. We watch sports with you. In return, we want you to watch girly movies with us. OKAY&...
by Anna Bediones


Her top 5 turn-ons

Every time that ‘special moment’ arrives, your heart beats with the very expectations of recreating all your bedroom fantasies into reality and enjoy togetherness to the fullest. You know how to get yourself into the act th...
by Indrani


One-night stand

From Her: How To Know If She Wants A One-Night Stand

Times have changed and so has the notion that every girl becomes emotionally attached after sex. As we become a stronger, more independent gender, we’re able to take things into our own hands and go after what we want. So...
by Aidan Ryan