BlackBerry Bold 9900 Product Review

Above you see the latest from RIM, The BlackBerry Bold 9900. It has a clean and classic Blackberry look though it is amped up with many new features. This phone does have its faults though. I personally own this phone and for the most part I have been satisfied thus far. We are going to do a quick pros/cons list with this phone and then tell you if it’s worth buying.


  • Very User friendly keyboard, with raised track-pad
  • Fully integrated touch screen
  • 1.2 GHz Processor, and 768 RAM
  • BlackBerry 7 Operating System


  • Lags consistently
  • Horrible Battery life
  • The back of the phone takes a fair bit of effort to snap off


Even with the recent failures of RIM, the short battery life and times of sluggish operating, I still would recommend the phone. Communication is so easy with the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Email threading makes sending and receiving texts as easy as texting. Blackberry messenger allows for you to dodge long distance charges, send photos, videos or voice-notes easily. If you’re a blackberry guy, then get on it already!




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