A Gentleman’s Call: In Pursuit of the Modern Gentleman

One man. One idea. One hundred grand.

We’ve all been there: sitting with our friends at a restaurant or a Sunday barbeque, when suddenly it hits. You have come up with an ingenious idea you are sure would change life around you. Though in most instances these ideas remain ideas and usually find themselves lost in the hectic mess we call life. Our friends at Ketel One and GQ had a big idea and they have materialized it. They are looking for one great idea that they will invest one hundred grand towards making a reality. The idea can be entrepreneurial, philanthropic or simply about doing something great. The idea should reflect the modern day gentleman. The contest is on now, head to www.agentlemanscall.com to put your idea to the test.

Will you answer the call?

If you are looking for some inspiration look no further than these three extraordinary gentlemen. All of which who have already answered the call. Check out their stories and how they have brought their ideas to become realities.



Adam Garone

Raising $295 million dollars for men’s health. Rallying over 2 million supporters worldwide, he made mustaches cool again. The man you see in the photo is ex-Special Forces officer Adam Garone, the co-founder of Movember. He founded Movember in 2004 with his brother and two friends. Since 2004, Movember has become the biggest non-government program in the world raising funds for prostate cancer research. It’s no question, Adam answered the gentleman’s call. Learn more about Movember here.





Carlos  Ponce

Self-motivated from the start, Carlos was a musical theater student when he moved from Puerto Rico to Miami in 1986. Now there’s no sphere of the entertainment industry in which he hasn’t made a name for himself. Though singing is his biggest passion, his career took off with roles in telenovelas. This led to more TV appearances and work in feature films. Now, he’s also a double-platinum recording artist whose album made it to number one in Central and South America. He answered the call and made his dreams a reality.





 Ian Somerhalder

He plays the part of a bloodthirsty on the hit TV show, The Vampire Diaries. However, in real life Ian is devoted to protecting life by championing animal rights and conservation issues. Ian uses his celebrity status, social media and personal appearances to bring attention to issues ranging from cruelty to sled dogs to shark finning and Canadian seal hunting. As a response to this cruelty he started the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to organize and motivate like-minded people. If you want to join the cause head to ISFoundation.com



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