A Deeper Look Into Canadian Rapper JWalk

J Walk I know

On February 27th , as I was sitting on Twitter, I received and unexpected tweet from a guy asking me to check out his music.

To put this into perspective, a significant number of people tweet us to promote their music.

This was different.

Jesse Walker (known within the rap community as JWalk) invited me to a Toronto studio session the following week.

With a “nothing to lose” approach, I accepted the offer.

Upon arriving at the dark, studio building, I was  greeted by a stressed-out college kid (probably because I was 20 minutes late), who escorted me upstairs to Diamond Studios and introduced me to Sunny (the engineer) and a bottle of gin.

We started drinking as JWalk wrote a couple verses for his latest track, “I Know”. Then, it was time for him to hit the booth.

This is where the stressed-out college kid completely changed. He took a shot of gin and proceeded to rip off verses like a seasoned vet. I was impressed by his comfort inside the booth, and his demeanor outside it. After an hour of recording, the session was over.

But the story wasn’t.

JWalk invited me to his performance on April 13th, as he opened up for Timeflies.


On the night of the show, I arrived at the Phoenix ballroom around 5:30 to see a lineup already forming (doors opened at 7). I headed through the back to sit-in on sound check.

Needless to say, JWalk was anxious. His DJ was late, meaning he didn’t have much time to rehearse. He peeled through one song, then left for the hotel. His set-time was scheduled for 8 pm.

Back at the hotel, we had a few drinks and headed back to the Phoenix.

As the Phoenix filled up, we sat talking backstage. In what seemed like no time at all, nearly 1000 people had packed the venue. We did a quick huddle, and it was show time.


Before I knew it, the set was over. JWalk was backstage, but with a strained voice. The show had gone off without a hook. Life was good.

Afterwards, JWalk showed me some of the tweets fans had sent him. Unquestionably, the winner was “@THISISJWALK let’s be bffls and skip through fields of flowers yes?”.

After meeting some fans at the merchandise table, we headed back to the hotel. JWalk and his crew continued to stress how surreal it was to perform in front of a crowd that size. After a few celebratory shots, it was time to hit the bar.

CAVE and Jwalk

I would like to tell you what we did at the bar, but I’m not sure what happened. I honestly don’t remember.

With that being said, I’m sure this is only the beginning of the story and there will be plenty more to come from CAVE and JWalk.


Check out JWalk’s YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/emceejwalker




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