8 Best Movie Sequels of All Time

Sometimes great movie makers make great movies. Every once in a while, these moviemakers take on a gem and follow it up with an even greater sequel. With The Dark Knight Rises sweeping the box office, and a plethora of sequels and reboots on their way, we look back at some of the best movie sequels ever made…

8. X2: X-Men United

This highly-anticipated sequel to X-Men took a darker turn as it explored the story behind the most fascinating of the mutant heroes: Wolverine. Right from the opening scene, depicting an assassination attempt at the White House, this movie offered lots of thrills and action. By all means, this was the best movie in the trilogy.

7. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Steven Spielberg’s sequel saw our favourite adventurer end up in India, where he battled an ancient cult and went searching for a powerful stone. All the while, Harrison Ford’s character kept us on the edge of our sides through scene after scene of exciting action-adventure.

6. Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers

This second installment of the Tolkien saga featured epic battle scenes from beginning to end. Frodo darkened as the ring became more powerful, Gandalf returned, and Aragorn took on a more prominent role. The Battle of Helms Deep was possibly one of the best battle scenes ever filmed. In turn, this magnificent sequel helped set up one of the best finales ever for a trilogy.

5. Aliens

James Cameron took the helm from Ridley Scott in what many thought an impossible task. Yet, this sequel about Ripley and a crew of marines trapped on a planet overrun by the giant bugs was better, more suspenseful and more terrifying than the first.

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