6 Items You Need for Fall Fashion

With summer coming to an end, it’s time to put away those cargo shorts and flip-flops you’ve been wearing all summer and start thinking about your autumn wardrobe. A bunch of guys here probably just came out of college, so when the weather gets a bit chilly, resist the urge to reach for your old college (or high school) sweatshirt yet again, and instead pick up one of these items:

A wool coat

An overcoat is a fall staple that every man should have in his closet. If you’re a freshman in college or fresh out of it, you should consider making the investment. Seriously. H&M offers a wool coat in their upcoming fall collection at a reasonable price. It’s dark, fitted, looks good with dark jeans and great with a suit. It’s a great, simple look for the cold weather. H&M, $149.

A trench coat























Yeah. GAP – the same GAP where your mom used to buy your itchy sweaters and knee socks in elementary school. Before you start reliving those horrid memories, I’ll have you know they’ve changed their image over the last few years. The GAP is a great place for basics (their tees are awesome) and quality items. This standard double-breasted trench coat in khaki comes in handy for those rainy, yet not so cold days. Looks great with nearly anything and is pretty damn cool. The GAP, $128.











Onto shoes. Specifically, boots. I know what you’re thinking: “Boots? Like, those things that only chicks and goth kids wear?” Don’t let that deter you, because regular guys need boots too (sneakers won’t save your ass when you step into a puddle the size of Texas), and these Dearth boots coming from ALDO are just the thing. Military inspired, these boots are meant to keep out the rain, and God knows it pours like no other in Canada. Aldo, on sale for $99.

A Blazer

Again from H&M, we picked out a blazer in dark gray. Some of you younger guys coming out of high school might not actually own a blazer. Sure, you might have a suit that you wore for prom, but a blazer is different. These you can actually pair with jeans and a non-buttoned shirt. H&M, $79.95.

A Scarf

Scarves. Like ’em or not, they exist, and they sure as hell can keep you warm without choking or looking like Kenny from South Park. There’s a bazillion ways you can wrap your neck with this thing, and most stores sell them at different price ranges. We like this one from Zara. Zara, $19.90.

A Bag

Lastly, to round out our fall picks is a bag by Herschel Supply Co. Called “Survey” (because clothing companies think it’s cool to name their items differently) it’s really just a backpack. Gone are the high school days of lugging around huge books, and enter something more modern. It’s smaller, stylish, clean and simple. Will fit a 13in laptop for those who lug their baby everywhere. Herschel, $54.99.




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