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May 2, 2012

5 Unexpected Things That Turn Her On

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Written by: Anna Bediones
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1. Seeing you in a suit

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t so unexpected. No girl can resist seeing her man all cleaned up and all grown up.

2. When you’re good at something

It’s amazing to see you do something well. Whether you’re good at sports, dancing or math, we love to see you excel. Seeing you passionate about things in life is hot.

3. Watching you work out

Most people look gross when they work out, but we like watching you. The sweat, the muscles, the intensity – it’s a lot to handle.


4. Being nice to other people

It’s good to know you’re not only nice when you want something. Seeing you being genuinely nice to somebody else with no underlying motives is a refresher in a world of selfishness and greed. We’re not only looking at how you treat us, we’re also looking at how you treat others. How you treat other people is a reflection on you.


5. Not noticing the hot girl that just walked by

It makes us feel special. It shows that you’re not a dog.



About the Author

Anna Bediones
Anna lives in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga where she double-majored in Communications, Culture & Information Technology (CCIT) and Professional Writing. Anna brings a female perspective to the site as the editor of the "From Her" section. She also freelances in graphic and web design, making her an essential part of the CAVE team.


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