5 Tips to Help You Get Her Phone Number


She’s hot, and she seems into you. We’ve all been there, whether at the bar, in a grocery store lineup, or in class to have the chance to get her number. We’ve all also messed up this process on numerous occasions. Truth be told most guys don’t know how to effectively get a woman’s number without looking her up in the phone book. Here are five tips for the next time you are talking to that rocket ship blonde and you want to grab her digits.

Vin Dieseil - Fast and Furious

1. Steer the Conversation

While you are talking with her you should be taking the conversation towards getting her number. Talking about activities or places that you both enjoy. If you both enjoy bowling, tell her that you are regional champion, then that you know a great place to go to. Then later when you go to get her number you can say something along the lines of, “hey, let me grab your number so I can beat you in bowling sometime.”

But can I have yo numba?

But can I have yo numba?!?

2. Don’t Ask for Her Number

This may seem counter intuitive, but when we say don’t ask, we merely mean suggest instead. Asking a woman for her number, puts her on a pedestal by asking permission to  get their number. Instead of, “Can I have your number?” Why not try, “You seem kinda cool, you should give me your number.”  The latter emphasizes that yes you think she is cool, but that you aren’t going to ask her for her number.



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