5 Tips for Surviving Karaoke Night


Okay, so your friends want to go out to karaoke night at a local bar. You’re all for good times and having a few beers, but you are not much of a singer. Despite your known distaste for performing, you will be required to sing at least one song to avoid an onslaught of insults from your friends.

1. Take a Shot 

This is the first thing you should do before you get up and grab the mic. If you are nervous, alcohol will help you out tremendously. You want to have a nice buzz going on as you approach the stage. However, you don’t want to be so drunk that you can’t put together coherent sentences…that will only end in more insults from your friends.

2. Pick a Song Everyone Knows

Everyone who goes to karaoke night is most likely in the same boat as you. They aren’t professional singers and they don’t know half of the songs in the selection book. So pick a popular song that you can get the crowd singing along to. An easy choice is any song from your childhood, or a classic rock anthem.

3. Pick a Song Without a Huge Range

Alicia Keys is a great singer, but her songs may not be the best fit for you. Pick a song that doesn’t have a wide vocal range to ensure you somewhat hold the tune. If you are really nervous about it, pick a rap song where it’s more talking than singing.

4. Shorter the Better

It is best to minimize your time on stage, especially if you are uncomfortable. Avoid classic songs that are pushing 5-6 minutes in length. Not only will you get tired of the song, but so will everyone else. Pick a song that’s around 3 minutes, do your best, then repeat tip #1.

5. No Shame in Duets

As you cannot wait to put down the mic and return to consuming beverages, you most likely have one friend that cannot let go of the mic. Suggest that you do a duet with this friend. Not only will having another person up there with you feel more relaxed, chances are they will take the lead on the song. This will allow you to have fun with the song and not be concerned about hitting every note correctly.




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