5 Suit Styles for 5 Different Occasions

When it comes to suits, we could all use a little help.

This is especially true for events with no explicit dress code.

Thankfully, our friends over at Indochino have put together a terrific guide to five great looks for five different occasions.

1. Formal

Formal doesn’t have to mean a traditional black and white tuxedo.

Sure, some occasions call for that look, but think outside of the box when you’re invited to a black tie event.

Use bold colors (ie. midnight blue) and interesting accessories to stand out from the crowd. Peak lapels and a longer button stance (choose a one button closure on the suit jacket instead of two) create a slick, polished look.

You can also make a statement by adding an interesting bow tie to your tuxedo-collar shirt. When doing so, choose a bow tie that has an interesting pattern or uncommon fabric (ie. velvet).

George Clooney2. Casual

There is no reason you can’t be stylish and comfortable.

Casual shouldn’t be defined as polo shirts and khakis. Instead, it should represent a chance to take risks and experiment.

Try pairing navy chinos with a crisp white t-shirt as your base. Add on a brightly colored cashmere cardigan (or a darker shade for the cold-weather season), a leather belt, and your best-looking casual footwear for a cool, easy outfit.

During the winter months, throw on a thicker suit jacket (in a fabric like wool twill) and a down-filled vest. The vest adds an element of personality, as well as warmth.

FirstDate23. First Date

For this category, it’s best to partner business casual and formal.

You don’t want to try too hard, so keep the business casual side of things in the forefront.

Choose your best-fitting navy or black blazer over a gingham button-up and wool sweater.

Remember to always keep the collar of your shirts tucked into the sweater. If you wear a tie, choose a solid color. Balance this with a pair of darkly-colored Levis to make an impression that won’t be forgotten.

4. Office

Most men approach office attire in one of two ways: the easy way out (three of the same suit in different shades of grey) or experimentation with different fabrics, cuts, and accessories.

Given that most offices frown upon experimentation, limit the more stylish choices to either one bold accessory, or a patterned shirt.

Never aim for too many looks in one day. Upper management will appreciate it.

Spring_SummerExample15. Spring/Summer

With warm weather fast approaching, it’s time to break out the trench-coats and lighter denim.

It’s also time to echo the color palette of the season and be adventurous.

There are plenty of fabrics that push style boundaries, so it’s okay to be apprehensive.

Don’t be afraid of shorts. With that being said, it’s important to have confidence when it comes to length. If you aren’t convinced of the length (even before you try it on), don’t waste your time.

Bring an element of Ivy League to summer afternoons by adding a navy striped sweater (around your shoulders) over a crisp white collared shirt. Choose shirts with bold stripes or soft paisley to break out of the mold.

Written for CAVE by Camille Vega. For full looks check out Indochino.com




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