5 Annoying Facebook Habits

Different people use Facebook in different ways. Some use it to keep in touch with old friends, while others use it to inform their friends about important details in their lives. Many people use Facebook as a platform to spur social action, while others use it to stalk pretty girls. These are all healthy and normal uses of Facebook. However, there are a select group of people in our “friends” list (we all have them), who regularly commit the following social media sins making us want to block, unsubscribe or unfriend them….

1. Countdowns

Yes we know you are excited about your big trip to Mexico in March. We would be too. However, a daily countdown to your big trip is unnecessary. Just tell us the date once, and then leave it. Of course, many of us would like to know where you’re headed. We will probably even “creep” through your vacation photos later. Just save us the countdown.

The same goes for exam countdowns. Most of us in college or university have had exams and know the exhilaration of finishing them. However, no one cares about when someone else’s exams will be done. If you are “2 down, 3 more to go,” then congrats. But, keep it to yourself.


2. “Cute Couple” Statuses

Look, it’s great that you two love each other. We’re really happy for you. Heck, we even “liked” when you declared that you are in a relationship. However, what we don’t care for all the mushy status updates you post about each other (for example, “I have the best girlfriend in the world! I love you so much even though you are sitting right next to me”).

Sure it’s healthy to compliment your partner and celebrate his or her accomplishments. However, this is something you need to do in your own private space and to each other, not to a worldwide audience.


3. Passive Aggression

If you have ever worked in a large office environment or lived with multiple housemates, then you know that passive aggression is the most spineless, lazy and annoying habit someone can have. Rather than being bold and respectful enough to confront someone with an issue, passive aggressive people leave notes everywhere (a typical work note: “Whoever ate my apple last week, you know you are. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t. Get your own damn food!”).

Many such people bring this habit into the online arena by posting passive aggressive statuses on Facebook. For example, “Whoever said that thing about me that nobody cares about, you better watch out. You know who you are.” Posting something like that on Facebook does not make you hardcore. It makes you look like a fool.

If you have an issue with someone, talk to them about it. If you cannot confront them, then certainly don’t use Facebook to get your point across.


4. Daily Health Journal

It’s important to be healthy, positive and motivated. We’re all glad that you decided to take a more optimistic approach to life. We were rooting for you when you started that new workout program. We might even say a dispassionate “congrats” when you accomplish your goal. What we don’t want is an hourly log of updates. It’s completely understandable if you want to occasionally share your wonderful experience of a 10K run in the rain. However, please do so in moderation. Don’t use Facebook like your personal health journal: “Just went for a 10K run, eating my low-calorie diet, then off to yoga. Love being healthy!”


5. Online Narcissists

It’s nice that you like yourself. However, if you are self-obsessed to the point where you are constantly talking about how great you are, then you start to come off as a major d-bag. It is okay to seek positive reinforcement or fish for praise via your Facebook statuses, to a certain degree. It is important to realize that we aren’t that interested in your life to want to know every single detail of your day, everywhere you check-in, and how much you love yourself. It may come as a surprise but you’re not a celebrity. There are no paparazzi chasing you down. Moreover, if you frequently use the word “awesome” to describe yourself (clearly having watched too many episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother’), you should know that you are not awesome. You’re just annoying.



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