30 Things You Should Do Before You’re 30

Life is too short for a long introductory paragraph, so get to reading and then to living my friends!

1. Get Blackout Drunk – At least once in your life you should get so drunk that you don’t remember anything. The following morning’s hangover will teach you the pros and cons of drinking too much.

2. Go to University/ Learn a trade – It is essential you have some level of expertise in something. Go to University and earn a degree or learn a trade. Either will make you employable.

3. Take a Flight – Go on a flight anywhere for any amount of time. It may seem basic, but the amount of people you meet who have never been on a plane is astonishing.

4.  Live Abroad – Whether it is for one month or one year you should live somewhere else. Experiencing another culture is invaluable and the truth is you probably won’t be able to do this after 30.

5. Give a Speech at a Wedding –Someone close to you should get married before you turn 30. Get up and give a few words to the Bride and Groom.

6. Join a Sports Team – The experiences from playing team sports will transcend into other parts of your life making you a better person. The sport you choose could end up being one of your life long passions.

7. Live on Your Own – Don’t be the person who still lives at home at 30. Get out on your own and learn what it is like to have some responsibilities other than cleaning your room. Checkout a moving company in your area, and get to it!

8. Learn to Cook – This is arguably the most important point on this list. Learning to cook is done through trial and error. The more you do it and the more you experiment, the better you become.

9. Dance – Stop worrying about what you look like and get out on the dance floor. The truth about dancing is no one really knows what they are doing, so go fit in!

10. Learn to Drive Stick – This is a skill you won’t really feel like you need until it is too late and your drunken friend only has a manual car. Take the day and learn how to drive stick.

11. Go to Las Vegas – Going to Las Vegas before you turn 30 gives you the full chance to experience all of it. Go to the clubs, gamble, stay up all night, and go home with a stranger because hell it’s Vegas.

12. Break Up With Someone – Breaking up with someone is unpleasant. Though, there is something that can be taken away from the experience. You should be able to learn from your past relationship and avoid the same mistakes in your next one.

13. Sing Karaoke – Go to a karaoke bar and pick the song you know best. Anyone who has ever sung at a karaoke bar will tell you the crowd is probably the nicest you can find. After you are done you will be satisfied with yourself for going up and singing in front of strangers.

13. Get a Job – Get some sort of income. As you get older more and more financial responsibilities will accumulate. Get a job and start saving some money.

15. Quit a Job – If you don’t like the job you are doing then you should quit. Quitting a job takes some courage. Just like breaking up with someone, take the experience for what it’s worth and find a job more suited to your passions.

16. Exercise – It is much easier to get in shape while you are young. Your metabolism slows down after 30 and your hormones start to act differently. Exercising before 30 will set you up for a better body after 30.

17. Learn How to Play an Instrument – Learning to play an instrument is a testament to your character. Instruments aren’t learned immediately, they take hours of dedication with the end result being a valuable skill. It is easier for your brain to learn and refine more skills before the age of 30, so pick up that guitar and get to it.

18. Go Camping – Spend time in the woods. Learn how to build a fire, set up a tent and cook with a hibachi. All of these skills will come in handy later in life when you have kids.

19. Learn Another Language – Going along the same lines as learning an instrument. It is easier for you to retain information, specifically languages before the age of 30. Learning another language can open up employment opportunities or lead you to fall in love with someone from a foreign country.

20. Be Skillful With a Computer – The generation after you is going to be more advanced with computers than the current one. Take it upon yourself to learn basic coding, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, WordPress and what SEO means.

21. See a Live Event (Concert or Sporting) – Things are good on television, but nothing compares to seeing a sporting event or concert live in person. If you haven’t been to either by the time you are 30, you’re missing out.

22. Learn to Shuffle a Deck of Cards – It will take you 20 minutes to learn and then you are set for the rest of your life. Next time it’s poker night, you won’t have to worry yourself when it’s your turn to deal.

23. Party All Night – The older you get, the harder partying becomes on your body. Not to mention as you get older you have more responsibilities the day after partying. Make sure to party until the sun rises once in your life. Cap off the night with some McDonalds breakfast and relish the memory.

24. Own Something – The first 30 years of your life are there to set up the following 30. Own something of value before you turn 30. Whether it is a property, apartment, or your own business it doesn’t matter. Have something of value.

25. Ask Out a Stranger – Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” This quote applies to dating more than anything else. Getting over approach anxiety becomes easier with each time you go up to a stranger. It’s not hard to go up to a stranger and ask them for directions, what is the difference between that and asking them out?

26. Ride a Roller Coaster – You will notice there aren’t things like skydive or bungee jump on this list and there’s a reason. Some people just aren’t thrill seekers, which is understandable. However, everyone should get strapped into a Roller Coaster and feel what it is like to go through fast twists and turns. If you don’t do it by 30, what makes you think you will do it after that?

27. Give to a Charity/Volunteer – No matter how bad you think your life is, someone else has it much worse. Hey you have internet access, something that only 32% of people in the world have. So take some of your free time and volunteer with after school programs, soup kitchens or coach a youth team. If you don’t have time, give $5 to next person you see from the Red Cross.

28. Have a Plan for Retirement – Before you turn 30 you should have some sort of plan in place for a RSP – Retirement Savings Plan. This is something you want to start sooner than later.

29. Fall in Love – Let yourself go into another person. Be intimate, support each other, share secrets, do things together, and potentially marry each other.

30. Enjoy Life – Time is ticking and the faster you decide to be happy, the better. No one cares if you are mad, so you may as well be happy.

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