8 Apps Every Man Should Have

Apps Every Man Should Have

Today, there are approximately 800,000 apps in the iTunes store.

But when it comes to shopping (whether it’s apps or clothes), guys don’t want to wait around. We want to make a quick purchase and use the product immediately.

But with so many apps available, it’s important to know which ones will enhance your masculinity and which ones will burn your $1.99 investment.

Without further adieu, we proudly present the 8 Apps Every Man Should Have.

1. Steak Grilling Timer & Recipes (Free)


Select your favorite cut of meat, input its thickness and determine how you want it cooked. The app’s timer will tell you exactly how long to cook the steak and when to flip it. http://bit.ly/YNdWJg

2. Drunk Dial No ($0.99)

Drunk Dial No

A very useful app for when you’re indulging in spirits. Calling your ex-girlfriend can seem like a great idea at 2:35 am, but it’s actually not.  This app provides a timer for contacting certain people in your phone. http://bit.ly/YMGfMl

3. MyFitnessPal (Free)

My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal is an easy-to-use app for maintaining your diet. Its database contains over two million foods, so you’re never left with any guesswork. http://bit.ly/164R2Sn

4. Tie-a-Tie Deluxe ($0.99)


Last minute job interview? Don’t know how to tie-a-tie? This app has you covered, with step-by-step guides to seven different knots. http://bit.ly/173pwb0

5. Cocktails Made Easy ($2.99)

Cocktails Made Easy

If you find yourself behind a bar with no experience, this app makes you an instant bartender. With a database of 500+ cocktails (and a review of each cocktail), you’ll know what’s perfect for any occasion.  http://bit.ly/ZIIa3Y

6. Uber (Free)

Uber Car Services


This app enables users to request a private car in their city. Interestingly, the options range from a taxi to a decked-out SUV. Even better, the app keeps you updated with your waiting time. http://bit.ly/YYhjxw

7. PMSBuddy ($0.99)

PMS Buddy

The app is pretty self explanatory – it allows you to track the menstrual cycle of the women in your life. But buyer beware – do not let any woman know you’ve purchased it. If they find out you’re tracking their cycle, it could get violent. http://www.pmsbuddy.com

8. SAS Survival Guide ($4.99)

SAS Surivival Guide

This app is based on the best-selling survival book. In short, it could save your life. Naturally, you probably won’t be stranded in the woods anytime soon, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, what’s more manly than knowing how to survive in the woods? http://bit.ly/1650Uvp

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